Solar Petrol Pumps

Solar Petrol Pumps In india

In most cities in India, where the sun shines for more than 330 days, use of solar energy has become imperative to answer your load shedding problems. Don’t be surprised, if you are driving in rural areas and see huge solar panels alongside petrol pumps. We have successful case studies of more than 100 installations all across India, where petrol pump owners have immensely benefited by switching to solar energy. There are many reasons why the owners of petrol pumps would like to switch to solar power to power their dispensing units.We carefully evaluate each and every petrol pump to offer a customized solution suiting their requirements and needs. With optimum designing of electronics, we provide stable power to dispensing units, thus reducing number of electronic failures in long run

1.Saving on monthly electricity bills.

2.Operational cost reduction on Diesel Generators. Over a period of 25 years DG sets are 5 times as expensive as solar energy

3.Reliable operations of dispensing units even in load shedding hours. The dispensing units last long as the solar system provides superior power quality (stable voltage).

4.Accelerated depreciation benefits (80% first year, 20% second year) to reduce your tax liability.

Ground mounted solar installation for petrol pumps

Most of the rural based petrol pumps will be not having canopy availability so for that Ground mounted solar installation are apt solution as installation is easy maintenance is also easy easy to clear the solar panels Net metering concept is mostly useful for rural based petrol pumps as the rural based petrol pumps have most of the power cuts so they run on DG sets the average Dg set per unit according to the 2013 power rates is 19/unit.

Roof top solar array installation

As the modern petrol pump stations are coming up with super market concepts where the roof of the super market and petrol pump office (where 2t oil and engine oil are sold )roof top is empty we can use that space for solar installation cleaning and maintenance of the solar panels is easy .

Roof Top Array Installation For Petrol Pumps

Metro petrol pump station

For metro based petrol pumps best place to install solar panels is on canopy of the petrol pump.As their will be less worry about shading part because panels are fixed on the top of the canopy .As the solar panel can receive sun light with out blocking by buildings On top of Canopy .

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