Solar installations in hospital settings require special attention and care as the systems that provide support to doctors and patients are critical and must not be interrupted, Solar Hyderabad was able execute each of these installations with precision. Hospitals trust Solar Hyderabad.Hospitals need to constantly consume a high amount of electricity to power life saving medical equipment and keep medical and surgical services running 24 hours a day. The overall number and the cost of solar panels that should be installed in a hospital will depend on the size of the hospital and the amount of electricity needed to power the hospitals machinery, lighting and heating. It is not advisable to consider an off-grid installation with a hospital as uninterrupted power is a basic requirement for medical emergencies and surgical operations.

Solar PV Panels

Photovoltaic solar panels are used to convert solar radiation into electricity. Within the solar cells electricity is able to flow due to the photovoltaic effect displayed by certain semiconductors. The photovoltaic effect causes mono and polycrystalline silicon to react to the absorption of photons from the sun by generating electrons or electricity in DC voltage. Silicon is the most common substance used to produce the semiconducting material and its availability is unlimited. Solar panels can generate electricity even on cloudy days, however, the greater the concentration of sunlight the greater the amount of electricity produced. Solar PV panels are often best placed and can receive the optimum amount of sunlight if they are installed on the roof of a building. Hospitals generally require all of their grounds for building space and parking so mounting hospital solar panels on the roof is advised as the best option.

Benefits of Using Solar in Hospitals.

Hospitals that utilize solar PV panels will be able to save some money every year since they will be cutting the costs on their energy bills. Also, a hospital that generates excess electricity could sell the excess amount to their local grid via Feed-in Tariffs and earn cash towards providing better services. Backup generators that would power hospitals in the event of a power cut are noisy and produce off harmful fumes. Solar PV panels, however, are noise and pollution free which is more in keeping with the intended peaceful and healthy environment of a hospital. There are government grants and incentives that hospitals can benefit from when they install solar PV panels. For example, they can receive payments for the amount of electricity their PV panels produce under the Netmetering system which pays up to 43.3p p/kWh for all solar electricity generated with solar panels in hospitals and an extra 3.1p p/kWh if the electricity is in excess and sold back to the national grid.

Efficiency of Solar PV Panels

On average, solar PV panels can create electricity with an efficiency of 15% to 20%. There are various circumstances where the efficiency rate of solar PV panels can drop, such as if there is any shade blocking the path of sunlight to the panels, or if there are cracks on the glass casing and water manages to enter and damages the material within. It is vital to install solar panels in an area where there is no shade; such as under trees, and to inspect the panels for any cracks on the surface. Using a reputable solar energy solutions provider, will ensure that the appropriate hospital site assessments are carried out and the solar PV panels are designed and installed to maximize the benefits of the sun’s energy.

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