Solar-Shopping Malls

Investing in a solar photovoltaic (PV) system can be the single best investment that a shopping mall owner will ever make. Solar will provide the shopping mall owner with a serious competitive advantage over other shopping mall competitors that do not invest in solar. All shopping mall owners that do not invest in solar today will be forced pay higher and higher prices for electricity as the electric utility companies continue to increase their electricity rates as the cost for coal and gas increase and carbon taxes are implemented by the government.                        

Solar provides shopping mall owners with a competitive edge:

1. Installing solar power on shopping mall rooftops provides building owners with a competitive edge There are many advantages of installing solar power on shopping mall rooftops, but the #1 reason that a shopping mall owner should install solar is because it will give their shopping mall a huge competitive advantage as utility electricity rate hikes continue to drive monthly electricity bills higher and higher. In 15 year’s time, the shopping mall owner that installs solar will be paying the same amount for electricity every year. But the shopping mall owner across the street will probably see their electricity costs double or triple in less than 15 years. Most shopping mall owners can either pass this savings onto their tenants or significantly increase their profit margins compared to the competition.

Solar provides shopping mall owners with free electricity:

Installing solar power on shopping mall rooftops produces free electricity Using a shopping mall rooftop to produce your own free electricity is hard to beat. Imagine how much money you would save each month if you did not have to pay your shopping mall’s electricity bill. And most shopping mall owners have large parking lots too. Why not install solar in the parking lots and provide your customers with shaded parking covers? .

Solar protects shopping mall owners against electricity rate hikes:

Installing solar power on shopping mall rooftops protects against electricity rate hikes for 25 years Typical electricity rates increase an average of 6% a year. A solar power panel is guaranteed to produce free electricity for 25 years, but many solar panels last 30-40 years. To see why free electricity is important, build an excel spreadsheet that multiplies your current electricity bill by 6% each year for the next 25 years.

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