Solar Water Pumps


This is the water pumping system which operates through Solar Energy which is totally pollution-free and available from the sun during day time require very no maintenance as compared to the diesel operated pump sets. It comprising of Solar Photovoltaic modules of capacity 1800 wp (100wp modules), 2 HP Solar Pump, Control Switch, Interconnecting cables and MS structure to hold the modules. The solar water pumping system functions during the sunshine hours. These pumping systems are ideal for small/middle farmers to meet their irrigation requirements who do not have access to electric connection and using diesel pump sets. .


Solar Energy in the form of light rays falls on the solar photovoltaic panels and got converted into electrical energy through silicon wafers embedded in the solar photovoltaic panels. This electrical energy then goes to the DC based motor pumping system through the cables and operates this motor. By rotation of the shaft coupled to mono-block pump, the pump starts lifting the ground water and throws it out for use.

Why to choose Solar Hyderabad Jeevan Ganga solar water pump sets

Solar Hyderabad –Jeevan Ganaga water Pumps has always been a pioneer in state of art technology which has newly designed its Solar Pumps sets based on its signature fabricated technology for the best discharge and value for money. It has already been proven that Solar Hyderabad Pumps has best discharge with high energy efficiency which gives 40%more discharge than its competitors and other ordinary pumps sets.
This technology neither dependent on electricity nor on diesel, thus people at remote locations can also avail the benefit of Solar Hyderabad Solar Pump and enhance their cropping area with regular water supply through Solar Pump. It is sacrosanct from electricity which hampers productivity of an individual due to load sharing and interrupted electric supply. Solar Pumps are free from problems like feeder damage, supply cut, rate hikes etc
It has been observed that due to frequent voltage fluctuations most of motors get burnt and maximum time they are lying at service centers. But, Solar Hyderabad Solar generates constant and good quality of energy which enhances life of pumps up to 25 years.
Other motors require high torque when it is operated by electricity, but Solar Hyderabad’s new solar technology doesn’t require it and merely affects rotor which enhance pumps’ life, whereas other electric operated pump’s life becomes very less and not able to give half of the discharge of Solar Hyderabad Solar pumps.


We have aimed and tried to make available our best quality products with latest technology at affordable price. So that everyone can enjoy the performance of our products within their reach.

Salient Feature Evacuated tube collector

Jeevan Ganga Solar Pumps incurs 0% maintenance cost where as diesel pumps incur lots of money in regular maintenance and it is very necessary to think about each and every aspect of any new technology before its introduction in the market that too market like India which is very vast, vital and competent. Even though it is all new pumping technology, but still we are able to provide our unmatchable service support from the same set up.


Jeevan ganga Solar Pumps are specially designed with latest technology which lowers the risk of damages and protects it from many unfavorable conditions. Solar Hyderabad Solar panels are made up of tempered glasses which are durable and a crack in a tempered glass will not impede the solar cells from working properly.


Solar Hyderabad’s Jeevan Ganga Solar water Pumps are the only pumps which are capable to perform from dawn to dusk. It can perform 24×7 without sunlight. For 12 hours in night.. Because the engineers of Solar Hyderabad had already thought about excess requirement of water in Indian agriculture scenario. Thus, they have designed our pumps in such a way which can perform with Solar and electrical energy both. Solar Hyderabad Pumps can be run in electricity when solar energy is not available. 90% cost incurs in procurement of Solar panels and remaining up to 10% cost belongs to pump only. Being manufactured by signature fabricated technology increases the efficiency of solar panels and requires less solar panel which reduce the total cost of project and it becomes 100% payback within the period of 3 years only.
In india generally they are two types of agricultural motors widely i.e 3hp and 5 hp We have also customized solutions from 0.5 hp to 30 hp depending upon consumer usage

Average discharge of Pump :

SPV Pump set will have the capacity to give discharge of 1,20,000 to 1,40,000 Ltrs. on clear sunny day (approx.) subject to variation due to solar insolation and water table condition. This discharge will be suitable for irrigating 4-5 acre of land.

discharge will be suitable for irrigating 4-5 acre of land. Features of Jeevan Ganga solar water pumps :

1.No fuel cost-uses abundantly available free sun light
2.No electricity required.
3.Unique smart control technology handles the initial surge current requirements
4.Easy & affordable, compared to the other DC pumping solutions, available in the markets
5.Long operating life
6.Highly reliable and trouble-free performance
7.Easy to operate and maintain
9.Solar Passive Architecture